Fishing in Wiest Lake – Imperial County Fishing

Fishing in Wiest Lake - Imperial CountyWiest Lake is a California Fishing spot. Wiest Lake is located in Imperial County in the State of California. Wiest Lake has the latitude and longitude (33.04153, -115.49011) and the altitude is at Sea Level.

This place can seem almost like an oasis. The water comes from a canal and is emptied into the Alamo River, where this lake is formed. It covers just 50 acres, is at 110 feet below sea level, and provides fishing for trout and catfish. The Department of Fish and Game plunks in trout here, and they aren’t dinkers. They average in the 11-inch class, with a few bigger and smaller. The trout fishing is in the winter, of course, when temperatures are habitable.

In the spring and summer, this place really heats up, and the trout fishing goes kaput. That is when catfish are stocked. There are also fair prospects for bass, with a sprinkling of bluegill. The Imperial Valley is something of a wasteland, but little Wiest Lake provides a welcome respite that only locals know about. The Salton Sea is about a 20-minute drive to the northwest. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Before fishing in Wiest Lake you should consult with local guides and regulations. Fishermen who have fished at Wiest Lake are encouraged to post reviews of the Wiest Lake Fish types and any images they want to share with others.

Fishing in Wiest Lake - Imperial County

Things To Do:

  • Fishing
  • Boating

Fish Types:

  • Bass
  • Catfish
  • Hatchery Trout
  • Panfish

Fishing in Wiest Lake - Imperial County


GPS Info. (Latitude, Longitude):
33.04153, -115.49011

Driving Direction:
From El Centro, take Highway 111 north to Brawley and Highway 78/Main Street. Turn west (left) on Highway 78/Main Street and drive a short distance to Highway 111. Turn right (north) on Highway 111 and drive four miles to Rutherford Road (well signed). Turn right (east) and drive two miles to the park entrance, on the right.

Click Here for a Map and Direction to Wiest Lake Driving Direction.
Check the Weather Forecast for Wiest Lake Weather.

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About TDavis

Loves outdoors and the nature. Always tries to find new places to visit and share with others. Connect with Google+
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