Things to Do In the City – Sacramento

Today, modern Sacramento has come to be known as the City of Trees due to the large number of trees planted in the city’s streets, whether they are a commercial or a subdivision area.

Sacramento is an environmentally friendly city that provides outdoor activities to young and old. Locals as well as tourists can spend their early mornings or late afternoons basking under the trees in one of the city’s numerous parks.

But Sacramento is not just about gold or parks or tress but it is also a place where people can enjoy the modern amenities of life like shopping, nightlife, dining experience and the likes.

The Music Circus

To get a feel of Sacramento, it is best to visit the place during one of its annual affairs like the Jazz Jubilee during summer. This annual affair is a hit not only among the locals but with the tourists as well – with over a hundred thousand people lining the streets to join the jazz festival.

The Music Circus is another homegrown festival that will surely give tourists a feel for the local beat. The festival has been celebrated every July for fifty years now. Those who love musicals from Broadway can time their visit at this time of the year to take part in the Sacramento Music Circus.

Blue Diamond Growers, Sacramento

One unique shop in the city is the Blue Diamond Growers that sells delicious almonds for souvenirs. Novelty and other souvenir items are also available in the shop.

Want to know how former President Ronald Reagan wanted his wine served? Then visit Berkley Fine Wines, which is owned by David Berkeley, who used to work as Reagan’s wine custodian.

There are plenty of places to see in Sacramento and the only limit is your imagination (and your pocketbook). Visit Sacramento and you will never leave empty handed, whether it’s with memories or actual souvenirs.

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About TDavis

Loves outdoors and the nature. Always tries to find new places to visit and share with others. Connect with Google+
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